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Services for travelers in the Ukrainian Carpathians

We love our job and do it with pleasure!

Our company organizes travel for foreign tourists to Ukraine in the most attractive region – the Carpathian mountains.

we provide our guests with excellent services such as guide support, transport, accommodation, food, entertainment and the most important we speak your language.

Spoken languages:

  • English
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Greek.

We offer our clients the following services:

So, welcome to Ukraine!

The Hutsul land is proud of its cultural and historical heritage. This is one of the most interesting ethnographic regions of Ukraine that has preserved its originality in everything: manners and customs, the architecture of churches and of houses. Unique wooden temples of the 17-20th centuries have been well preserved here. Engraved iconostase and ancient icons give divine grace and power to everybody. Widely practiced are such local handicrafts as wood carving, metal workmanship, pottery, carpet weaving, cloth weaving, Easter-egg painting and embroidery. Hutsul folklore is extremely rich in its ritual songs, fairy-tales, legends, spells, tales connected with beliefs and superstitions, and kolomyjka. The beauty of old forests and wild nature generously bestows talents and inspirations on mountain dwellers and also charms guests.

…Finally, something amusing: Do you happen know that it was not Columbus who discovered America? When he arrived, there were Hutsuls already settled there. You will surely be informed about that in the Carpathians.

Green Ukraine – Ukrainian travel guide for English speaking tourist.

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Hallo Freunde! Ich bin Vickie:) Ich werde mit Ihnen Deutsch sprechen:) Ich hoffe Sie werden eine gute Zeit in der Ukraine verbringen und unsere Kultur geniessen! Ich werde Ihnen helfen mein Land von besten zu sehen. Warte auf Sie!


i hi hi!!!!! here it’s Andriy :)))I’m here to provide your trip the best as it gets. I’m good at Portuguese and English, so if u speak those languages, don’t hesitate to come to the Carpathians. I’m up to your services!!!!


Γεια χαρά σας!!! Είμαι ο Ανδρέας!!! Γεννημένος στην Ουκρανία και μεγαλωμένος στην Ελλάδα είμαι το κατάλληλο άτομο για να ξεναγήσω τους Έλληνες στην πρώτη μου πατρίδα! Συνήθως με αποκαλούν ανήσυχο πνεύμα :))) και λατρεύω όλες τις xtreme δραστηριότητες που μπορούν να παρέχουν τα βουνά των Καρπαθίων!!