Feel the spirit of the Carpathians

Green Ukraine. Activities

Green Ukraine invites you to visit the Carpathian land – a region that has kept the former Ukrainian national character.


Winter Sports in the Carpathians


The vertical relief of the area and duration of snow cover make for superb skiing conditions.

Quadro tours Ukraine

Snowmobile tours

Driving snowmobile it’s hard to say what gives more joy: local winter landscapes or control of a powerful machine.

tour traditional hutsul lunch

Traditional Hutsul lunch

We arrange an excellent traditional Hutsul lunch in a local family. Only the best local food and drinks cooked in old style

tour to a real hutsul family in Verkhovyna

Visiting a real Hutsul family

The best way to explore the countryside is to visit a local family. That’s exatly what we offer

Horse riding

Horse riding

We offer great horseback tours to traditional dairy farms, where you can stay with shepherds. Short tours are also possible.

Fly fishing in the Carpathians


We arrange a perfect river trout fishing in remote Carpathian village. You will stay in a local family

Hunting Ukraine


Hunting red deer and wild boar in the Carpathians. All included

Quadro tours Ukraine


Our jeeps can take you to beautiful places high in the Carpathian mountains

Quadro tours Ukraine

Quad tours (ATV)

If you want to feel wind on your face and fountain of adrenalin in blood, ATV tours in the Carpathians is what you need.

Bicycle tourism


Cycling has its advantages compared with other types of tourism, especially in the Carpathian Mountains

Paragliding in the Carpathians


Paragliding in the Carpathians offers the opportunity to view spectacular scenery from a unique perspective – flying free as a bird.

Boating in the Carpathians


The best time to go through rivers of the Carpathians is the end of April and the beginning of May when melting snow swells them with lots of water.

Zip line in the Carpathians

Zip Line

A zip-line (also known as a flying fox, foefie slide, zip wire, aerial runway, aerial ropeslide, death slide or tyrolean crossing… whatever) is avaliable in the Carpathians

The Carpathian tram

The Carpathian tram

The narrow gauge railroads in the region were built during the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1890) and were used to transport goods.

Hutsul Musical Instruments Museum

Hutsul Musical Instruments Museum

It’s a private museum in Verkhovyna. It took 30 years to collect the exhibits, they are household goods, ancient Hutsul clothes, money bills of different periods etc

Rural Tourism in the Carpathians

Ukrainian countryside

The village is the soul of Ukraine…

Museum of Architecture in Krylos

Museum of Architecture in Krylos

This museum in open air near Halych represents the best examples of Carpathian buildings