Antistress tour in the Carpathians

Dear friend! We know that you’re tired because of all that. We’ll help you to escape to a great place in the Carpathian mountains of Ukraine where there’s no cellular and Internet reception. You’ll have time to think, recover and relax. Nobody will bother you.

We will bring you to a place of rest and leave you alone, providing everything you need. You will be warm and cozy, the best food, drinks and … anything else you wish. And the most important – peace and quiet.

Duration is determined by the Guest. We will do our best to preserve your privacy.

Forget about stress. Around you will be Carpathian forest, stream and river. No people. Noise – only from wind, trees or water. You will sleep like in childhood.

The place (you will only know the exact location after you have booked a tour) is far away from tourist tracks and the closest village is in a few miles. From electrical devices you will have a kettle and a light bulb.

The untouched nature is around you. This is exactly what you need to recover and continue a productive life.

This antistress tour in the Carpathians is available during the whole year. We’ll do our best to arrange it in a short notice.