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burkut dorf  21.07.2018 Burkut resort

Burkut is the oldest balneology health resort in the Ukrainian Carpathians.

The best times of Burkut resort were in 20 years of the nineteenth century. At that time, there were built 15 villas. The Austrian army destroyed the resort in 1848 during the suppression of revolutionary unrest. In 80s of the nineteenth century, resort’s revived, but its further development was interrupted by the First World War. It was planned to make a road from Hryniava to Kopilash, but these plans remained as projects. The main flow of tourists getting to Burkut was traditionally from Hrynyava pass through Vatonarka mountain pass and Lukavytsa.

Burkut village is located in Verhovyna area, in a picturesque place that was very attractive for Lesia Ukrainka (famous Ukrainian writer). At the entrance to the village there is a source of mineral water Burkut. Just above the source, there is a home of Chyvchyn Forestry on the wall of which – a plaque. Under the bas-relief, there is an inscription: “In the village Burkut in August 1901 lived outstanding Ukrainian writer Lesya Ukrainka”.

The village lies at the bottom of a deep valley at an altitude of 1012 m above sea level and surrounded by wooded hillsides. In the village, there are Burkut and Yavirnyk forestries. Unfortunately, the house where Lesia Ukrainka lived did not preserve. It was slightly higher Chyvchyn forestry.

Under the mountain there is a mineral spring, which Lesia Ukrainka drank healing water from. The mild climate, fresh mountain air, infused with needles, charming nature improved her health. Hence, she wrote to her father: “There are only trees and ferns around, birds sing, Cheremosh roars, and competing it a glandular stream that is called Burkut… If I will not improve health here, then I do not know what climate I need”.

Lesia Ukrainka continued to work there. It is in this part of the Carpathians cycles of poems “Minutes” and “Rhythm” were born.

Ivan Franko came here to Lesia Ukrainka. The journey has left its mark on his work, and the series “Burkutska stanzas” were created. From the center of the village, a country road winds up along with the mountain stream to meadow-polonyna Lukovec (1506 m). Because of it, the poet returned from Burkut to Vyzhnytsia. Her path led through the village Hryniava, Dovhopillya continue through Kuty.

Below the village river flows in a narrow valley. On the left bank, at the water there passes highway Verkhovyna – Burkut.

On the left tributary of the Black Cheremosh the river Shybene, in 7-8 km from its beal located picturesque reservoir there. Small blue lake is extremely beautiful: located in a narrow and deep valley surrounded by green forests. In the valley of this small river, there is a village Shybene. From the mouth of Shybene River begins the road that leads through the mountain Vesnarka leading to the top of the mountain Pip Ivan Chornohirsky passing by the lake Maricheika. This old road, on which all building materials for the construction of the Pip Ivan Observatory on top and then for its service were drove here. It is now in fairly good condition, only behind the forest area there are several landslides.

Below the mouth Shybene – threshold Berdy, it is a pretty difficult water hazards. Behind it – a large village Zelene that stretches along the Black Cheremosh.

Quite difficult threshold lies at the mouth of the left tributary of Dzembronya. Hence, the shortest road to Chornohora mountain range is through village Dzembronya. This trail is very picturesque, goes through alpine meadows of the valley, where you can enjoy magnificent mountain scenery of Ukrainian Carpathians.

Chyvchyny range Black Dil, which stretches from the mouth of Sarata to Perkalaba known by its vertical caves, the deepest of which is the mine with depth of more than 30 m.