Interesting facts of history and modernity of the Carpathian region

Even the European princes liked to spend holidays in the Carpathians.

History and modernity of the Carpathian region

Yaremche is related to the name of the legendary folk hero Oleksa Dovbush

• In October 1908 in forests of Tatariv hunted Viennese aristocracy( with Maria Theresa – the only female ruler of the Habsburg dominions and the princes of Liechtenstein).

• In 1901 first Ukrainian hotel was opened in Mykulychyn. The house near the railway station was rented from a local pastor. The Villa had two floors, large rooms – accommodation facility and eight rooms.

• In 1905-1906 in Yaremche accommodated1500 visitors for the season. It brought the owners of villas 200 thousand crowns annually.

• In 1912 – 2400 people visited Yaremche. That year, many magazines of Galicia wrote about the future heir Karl Franz Joseph of Habsburg, who later became the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Karl I who stayed in Yaremche.