Check Ukrainian passport

We offer a new service – Ukrainian Passport Instant Validity Check. This option will be useful if you, for example, meeting with Ukrainian women on dating sites, do business with strangers from Ukraine or buying something in Ukraine.

Sooner or later, the time comes when you want to find out whether the person with whom you are communicating is real or fraud.

Please do not be fooled by the fake documents the scammers sometimes send to convince potential victims that they are honest and trustworthy people. Verify the validity of the document!

The scammers use PhotoShop and similar programs to alter the pictures, as well as the names on the passports (and other travel documents).

We will help you to avoid fraud.

We are also available to check aircraft tickets and other documents. Please contact us to know is it fake or real.

Verification of Ukrainian passport

How does it work. We can use a governmental database of internal passports to check whether or not they have the record of Ukrainian passport in question. The database is supposedly updated every day. The information is uploaded directly from the regional police agencies. From our experience, the accuracy of the information in the database is 93-95% (typing errors and outdated information sometimes are detected).

The inquiry about the passport validity can return two possible answers: VALID or NOT VALID.

The answer is usually available the same day.

Please note that the inquiry will only confirm the matching combination of the passport number and the name of the owner. It will not confirm the picture on the passport, or the address of the passport owner. Even if the validity of the passport is confirmed, additional investigation of the passport owner may be a good idea.

What to do. Send us a copy of Ukrainian Passport. We check both Ukrainian internal and external passports.

How long does it take? It takes one working day.

How much does it cost? $US 90

Payment methods. PayPal, Credit card, Western Union, Money Gram or SWIFT.

Please email us at

Fake Ukrainian passports

Useful info. Check out the gallery of fake Ukrainian passports. This is the most common scams with Ukrainian passports we met during 5 years of our experience.