Concert of Hutsul music

We are happy to organize a concert of traditional Hutsul music. Private concert of local music for you and your friends in the Carpathian mountains! This private performance of Carpathian folk musicians can be arranged at short notice in any spot: in your hotel, a restaurant, a local concert hall or outdoors, during the traditional Hutsul lunch or dinner. Wherever you wish!

Minimum number of guests is 1 person.

Musicians: The “Hutsuly” Folk Music Band from Verkhovyna (Ivano-Frankivsk region).

The traditional Hutsul ensemble consists of four basic instruments – the violins (skrypka), the drum (buben), cymbals and pipes (sopilka).

Hutsul music occupies a special place in the treasury of folk musical culture of Ukraine. Preserving its originality from ancient times, it still strikes listeners with its uniqueness.

The songs you’ll hear are pearls of Hutsul instrumental music. Played by talented folk musicians from Verkhovyna, the songs reveal to the listeners the magic world of the traditional musical culture of the Carpathian mountains. This Hutsul folk band is known far beyond Ukraine as the ensemble has performed many concerts abroad. The music of different genres is presented: from the polonyna played on the floyara to the lively Hutsul dances. The combination of talent and playful originality will fascinate even the most inquisitive listeners.

Possible program

Possible program – a mix of the traditional Hutsul lunch or dinner with a concert of Hutsul music, in a private house in Verkhovyna. Good food + good music = perfect combination. You will have a great time!

Other options for this concert are possible. We are very flexible.

To order a concert of Hutsul music please contact us and make a request.