Do nothing tour

We know that you work a lot and your work is a potential source of significant stress. We think it’s time for you to relax and forget about your problems for at least a few days with our “do nothing” tour. We’ll help you reboot both body and soul.
Why to relax in the Ukrainian Carpathians?

This is a new unique destination: pristine nature, very safe, no hordes of tourists, clean air … and silence. Just what you need to relax and rewind.

If you need company, we’ll provide the necessary support. If you just want to stay alone, we’ll arrange everything you need (a comfortable bed, the best local cuisine, a hot shower…) Or if what you prefer is a tent somewhere in the mountains or next to the river, we’ll arrange that too. Whatever you wish without a problem!

We are able to take you to places where phones and emails will not bother you, and during our “do nothing” tour in the Carpathians, you can simply enjoy the peace and quiet of nature: the sounds of the mountain river, of cows in a distant meadow, rain and snowfall. Find peace and dream about the ways things used to be.

Our “do nothing” tour does not offer 5* hotels. We know you can find luxury at home. What we offer is the opportunity to go back in time and escape modern life, albeit with hot showers and clean accommodation.

As a non-comprehensive list of some of the things you can do:

  • spend couple of days with a local family in remote Carpathian village
  • fishing on the river or lake
  • spend a few days high in the mountains with shepherds, where you’ll be treated like a brother
  • enjoy being in the wild by staying in a tent or a separate cottage / bungalow (with or without a pool)
  • horse riding
  • sauna (chan)
  • massage

We’re very flexible. If you decide to change the atmospere and want to go to a nightclub, we can arrange it. Want some extreme activities – ATVs, jeeping, paragliding? No problem. Otherwise, why not simply read a book, listen to the river or … do nothing.

You are in safe hands.

We organise all necessary logistics before you arrive and will meet you at the airport with a car to take you to the Carpathians. Our guide/interpreter/driver will accompany you (if necessary) every day of your stay, with pleasure, allowing you to make the most of your stay. There are no language problems, no stupid questions, no security problems and inconvenient situations. Only complete and total relaxation.

Book this tour at any month of the year and see how much this beautiful region changes by the season. No trip too long or too short and everything available at short notice.

Write to us, make a request and give us an idea about what you want. We will deliver!

Don’t waste any more time. Book now!