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 18.04.2011 Festival in Dragobrat ski resort. Summer skiing in the Carpathians

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Planet Dragobrat festival

How about skiing in bikini?

Ukraine. Dragobrat ski resort

Make a ski accelerate down a slope so that only hear the wind whistling through ears and next jump on the thin ice of a mountain lake. But that’s not all. You need to get to the opposite bank and not to plunge into the water. What do you think about that? This is just one of many traditional entertainments at the “Planet Dragobrat” festival.

“Planet Dragobrat” festival is more than just a show. It’s a kind of movement that causes the way of life and a great celebration for active rest fans. This unique event is held in the unique spot of Ukraine.

Only in Dragobrat you can find enough snow for ski competitions in early May (!)The sport part of the festival is traditionally connected with the rest so that each of the participants and guests has a chance to compete and have fun.

The opening of the swimming season is traditionally held on the local lake. People have fun from noon until the next day morning: extreme skiing down the slopes which are still covered with snow, ice bath, sweet and spicy Carpathian mulled wine, dinner under the stars, music and dancing till down.

Agree that ski in a bikini under the hot sun it’s a kind of exotic. “Planet Dragobrat” symbolizes the end of the winter ski season in the Carpathians and is the feast of its closing.

Dragobrat on the map. Green Ukraine

About Dragobrat Ski Resort
Dragobrat is the highest, snowiest and one of the most remote resort in Ukraine. No keen skier can miss out on a visit to this amazing resort. Even if you’re not into the ‘white sport’ there is still something for everyone since the surrounding scenery is simply stunning. The wild and completely unspoilt landscape is the making of this resort and as a result is popular with hiker, walkers etc.

Dragobrat is often called the most Alpine resort in the whole of Ukraine. It starts off at 1400m above sea level, among thick coniferous forests, stretching right up to the imposing Mount Bliznitsa at 1883m above sea level. The resorts benefits from having great views to highest point of the Carpathians – Mount Hoverla.

Snow here is guaranteed and lasts from November right through to May. For the last 30 odd years, there hasn’t been a winter without snow – even in the warmest winters. Dragobrat is actually situated in a natural phenomena. Located in a rare and unusual horse show shape, this ensures that snow falls each winter time.

The resort is popular with skilled skiers and its snowboarding facilities are very good. The 2 largest ski lifts are 1000m which go up Mount Stih plus there are some other smaller ones.