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carpathians what to do in summer  08.01.2020 Five reasons to visit Carpathians in summer

Any tourist will be impressed by the trip to the Ukrainian Carpathians.

For most tourists, summer is associated with the sea and the beach. However, a great alternative to this is the mountains. The Carpathians may be associated with skiing and hot mulled wine for most, but we recommend you to visit this region of Ukraine in the summer. Here are five reasons to come to the Carpathians in the summer.

Cheap prices

Summer in the Carpathians is considered the dead season (not everywhere). Because of this, some hotels significantly lower the prices for both accommodation and food. For a few hundred hryvnias guests will be offered excellent conditions at the hotel, which in the winter will cost several times more expensive. The cost of renting a house differs in the popularity of the resort and the proximity of the sights. The same applies to food.

The food in the Carpathians is always delicious. Here people try to restore the old recipes and surprise them with tourists. Lunch at a restaurant, for example, in the area of Yaremche or Bukovel will cost from 300 UAH per person. Supermarket prices depend, like housing, on the popularity of the resort and the competition on the market.

Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy nature

Fresh air in the Carpathians in the summer is a panacea for the inhabitants of industrial cities. At first it is unusual to breathe and smell gasoline, but then you get used to it. Unique air in the mountains is, according to many, in the Tatariv area.

And what about the rich Carpathian nature? Here you can go astray, listing the varieties of Christmas trees and pines. If you take the lift, for example, at Bukovel, then take a walk along the mountain trails. You will come to beautiful flowering lawns. Somewhere far away you will hear the sounds of bells that the local cows or sheep walk with.

Rivers will also delight with their stormy streams, rocky shores and fish. Trout fishing is popular in the Carpathians. If you have the courage to swim in the river, remember this coolness for life.

And don’t forget about silence. The summer in the Carpathians is very quiet (how about Antistress tour in the Carpathians?).

Picking wild berries and mushrooms

Harvesting of berries and mushrooms in the Carpathians begins in June. Strawberries ripen in June, after which raspberries and alpine strawberries are poured. If it is rainy in summer, there are many mushrooms in the Carpathian forests. The most valuable are white. In the summer along the road you can see people selling berries and mushrooms.

Trips by bicycle

Some may think that there is nothing to do in the Carpathians in the summer. But it is not. The doors of all museums, paths to waterfalls and mountains are open for travelers.

In the summer, you will see many cyclists traveling the mountains in search of unique places. They put tents near roads and cook delicious meals on fire. The Carpathian cycling trips are really great. When traveling, be sure to bring your camera, because in the mountains, it seems you can photograph everything: peasants’ lives, green mountains, mountain rivers, flower meadows and villages from a height.

If you don’t have a bike of your own, don’t worry – here you can easily find a place to rent. Prices are different and depend, among other things, on the technical condition and capabilities of the two-wheeler.


Do not want to ride a bicycle, go on foot. Walking through the Carpathians will give the best experience. Choose your itinerary, think about the time, bring your backpack with you, and boldly go for adventures. Also, do not forget how to properly assemble a backpack. Ten kilometers between the mountains for many seem several kilometers through the fresh air. Many tourists climb to Goverla mountain.

Now you are motivated to come to Carpathians in the summer.