Gastronomic tour of Hutsul cuisine

Taste the best dishes of Hutsul cuisine prepared by experienced cook in the oven as it was hundreds of years ago. Group and individual culinary tours in the Carpathians.

Hutsul cuisine

The Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains is a place of crossing of borders, cultures and nations. It is marked on a regional Hutsul cuisine. Carpathian hospitality is a mixture of Ukrainian, Jewish, Polish, Austrian and Hungarian traditions. There are unique recipes for dishes and drinks from local products that are 100% organic and delicious. Hutsulshchyna is the best place to open Ukrainian cuisine and have an unforgettable gourmet vacation.

Location and getting there

Our gastronomic tour of Hutsul cuisine takes part in Verkhovyna, capital of Hutsulshchyna (land of Hutsuls). It is 130 km far from Ivano-Frankivsk or 270 km from Lviv.

This food tour (traditional lunches or dinners) we organize in the house of one Hutsul family. The feature of house owners is that the woman has been working for 40 years as a cook in a local restaurant (she was a chef on over 500 weddings) and her husband is a hunter. It’s a perfect combination. In addition, in their house there are more than 20 trophies of Carpathian animals and a Hutsul clothes which you can wear on and take pictures. The house is located 2 km from the center of the village, on the hill with a magnificent view of the mountains. It is possible to sit both inside and outside.

You can get the house by foot, jeep or on a horse. We offer transfer to Verkhovyna.

Carpathian food and drinks

You will try the best food and drinks of Hutsul cuisine – banosh, Hutsul borshch, dumplings, blood sausage, kobasa, mushroom soup and many others. All dishes are prepared over an open fire or in the stove, as it was hundreds of years ago.

Special place in Hutsul cuisine have Carpathian cheeses – brynza, vyrda and budz. They come directly from polonyna – traditional highland dairy farms where shepherds make cheese during summer.


The local alcohol drinks have unbelievable taste and effect! This is different kind of liquors (mix of moonshine and herbs) and Hutsul beer. I will not write more about. Better taste it!

We organize master classes on cooking Hutsul food and drinks. You will hear stories about Carpathian dishes and learn how to cook it.

It is possible to arrange a concert of traditional Hutsul music (folk Hutsul band from Verkhovyna) during the meal. It’s a great combination of perfect food and local music! Available on request. They will cheer up your heart and soul.

Example of menu for dinner in our gastronomic tour of Hutsul cuisine

  • vegetable salad
  • cold cuts smoked in Hutsul way (salo, sausage, pork ham)
  • cheese platter (set of traditional Hutsul cheeses, 3 types)
  • traditional mushroom soup
  • Banosh with brynza
  • potato pancakes with meat cooked in the oven
  • cabbage rolls
  • dumplings with cherries
  • 3 types of traditional Hutsul moonshine

Price – $25 per person

We are happy to enrich your gastronomic eating tour in the Carpathians with other interesting activities: horse riding, jeeping, ATVs, cheese making, museums etc.

We offer all the necessary logistics: transportation (bus, minivan or car), accommodation and activities. Our tours are 100% flexible. Please make a request and we’ll send you available options and prices.

Discover Ukraine and Hutsul cuisine with us!