Horse riding trip in the Carpathians. 2 days Tour


Our two days Horseback Riding Tour in the Carpathians is a great opportunity to see the beauty of the Ukrainian Mountains and feel the local flavor that has changed little for centuries. We will take you to a very different world where small farmsteads could be seen scattered across the gentle rolling hills at the foot of the mountains.


Day 1
Our meeting point will be Ivano-Frankivsk, a regional center situated 600 km from Kiev. Early in the morning we’ll have to leave that city and go towards Verkhovyna to start our horseback riding tour ukraine carpathians, traditional mountain dairy farm

We’re starting around midday. After 3-4 hours the track will take us to a dairy farm with over 50 head of cattle, no electricity or running water, only that from a spring. This smallholding is managed by an old man and lads from the village. They milk the cows by hand and make cheese during the day.

dairy farm carpathians ukraine, horse riding tour two days

After having a rest and lunch we’ll continue our way to another small farm (local name is “staya”). During the next 4 hours you will have a lovely ride, admiring the valleys and woods on your way. One will feel oneself in a sort of Alpine heaven with wild flowers and untouchable nature of the riding carpathians ukraine, tour two days

We will stay for a night in a wooden house overlooking a gorgeous view, just 30 kilometers north of the Romanian border. It’s a really lovely place managed by Vasyl and his son Taras. They have about 30 cows and also make cheese. We’ll have a good supper and good drink. Rest.facilities on a dairy farm carpathians ukraine

Day 2
The following morning we’ll continue our adventure after having a breakfast. Basically on the 2nd day we will take a way back. To addition will be a picknick at the middle of the mountains (toasted pigs fat, bread and other fine morsels (of course with local moonshine).horse riding trip ukraine carpathians three days

Returning to Verkhovyna will take us around 7 hours. So after spending 2 days in touch with the Carpathian nature you will see again houses, people and cars.

End of journey. Returning to Ivano-Frankivsk.

Note: On the second day, on our way back, you can take a sauna and wash yourself. Location: Verkhovyna. 10 min driving after finishing horseback. Please make a request to add this option.
Note: If you are limited in time, it’s possible to run this route within only one day by horses or jeep. Please make a request to get a quote

What do you need to take

  • Small backpack
  • Trekking boots
  • Rain coat or waterproof jacket
  • An open soul to contemplate nature’s beauty

Prices for summer-autumnn 2021 (in Euro)

Number of people in the groupTwo days tourThree days tour (extended version)
single traveler (private)380520
more people (up to 40)on requeston request

  • transfer Ivano-Frankivsk – Verkhovyna and back (private car)
  • horse for you
  • meals during the trip
  • staying for night (cheese farm)
  • guide/interpreter support
  • horseman assistance


  • difficulty: moderate
  • group size: max. 7 travelers. For bigger group please make a request
  • this horse riding tour is available from May till late September
  • the route can be changed on your request
  • it is possible to extend the tour

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