Birds hunting
Green Ukraine invites hunters from all over the world to hunt birds in Ukraine. We fully organize hunting for birds in Ukraine.

Location: Ivano-Frankivsk region

What birds can you hunt: duck, pheasant, partridge, woodcock, pigeon, goose, quail and sandpiper

When is the hunting season:

Bird typeHunting season
gooseAug 11 – Dec 30
duckAug 11 – Dec 30
pheasantNov 04 – Dec 30
partridgeNov 04 – Dec 30
woodcockAug 11 – Dec 30
pigeonAug 11 – Dec 30
quailAug 11 – Nov 25
sandpiperAug 11 – Dec 30

License: every hunter must purchase a license to shoot birds. We provide this license. Its cost is included in the tour price. The license is valid during the hunting tour: from 1 to 10 days.

Riffles: our guests can hunt for their own weapons (if they have the necessary permissions). We also provide weapons (included in the tour cost). Hunters should have weapons permission.

Cost of birds: we don’t charge extra for every hunted bird. It is included

Average hunting days: all days are available for hunting

Crew: we accompaign our hunters with game warden with a dog. In addition, you’re constantly accompanied by English speaking guide/interpreter. Our guide takes care about your accommodation, meals, transport and the whole trip. 

What is an usual hunting day looks like: we start early and hunt until around noon. Then lunch break and rest. We continue after 4 pm until you are still able to see birds. You can hunt for a single type of bird all day (for example, on a duck). Or you can change the location and hunt for several types of birds (ducks, pheasants, partridges, etc.) for one day. We can combine the hunting tour in order to hunt different bird types every day. Lunch is outside (at the place of hunting or in the restaurant). We are ready to take into account all your wishes regarding the food. After a day of hunting we return to the hotel to rest. Transport we provide.

Others: we provide all the necessary things/equipment for hunting birds: special dogs, stuffed/fake ducks, whistles, camouflage, boats, transport etc.

Accommodation: we have options. Or you can stay in a hunting lodge in the fields (cleand and good condition) or you can stay in one of the nice hotels of Ivano-Frankivsk (may effect the total price). In the evening, you can relax and go to the sauna, massage, etc.

How to get to Ivano-Frankivsk: by airplane (two daily flights from Kyiv). You can fly to Lviv first and then we’ll arrange you a comfortable transfer. By train (there’s a lot of options).  We also organize a comfortable transfer from all corners of Ukraine and Europe.

Other activities: it’s possible to customize your tour. We are flexible. In addition to birds hunting, you can hunt other animals (deer or boar), ride horses, do fishing, explore the local cuisine, culture and nature… Let us know about your wishes and we will make an offer.

Cost per hunter per day: 320 EUR, ALL inclusive

How do we hunt ducks in Ukraine

The hunting season for ducks is August – December. We hunt ducks on the lakes where they stay and eat. Our crew (2-3 people) come to the lake with dogs and rise the ducks (make them fly). Guest stands on the dam and shoots ducks. Or you can shoot the ducks that fly across the lake, because there are so many of them.
The best time for hunting is from sunrise till about 9 am. Later it’s not good because it gets very hot. Night hunting when the bird returns for the night (sunset and dusk). It is at this time that you can get the most ducks.
Unlike Saudi Arabia, duck hunting in Ukraine has a lot of action. The hunter must always be ready to shoot. It’s literally 2 seconds when you either hit the duck, or missed it. We do not hide, we do not hunt from behind, we do not wait for hours for the duck to fly over, but all the duck that rises up and flies over the hunter, we shoot. Later the dog jumps into the water and brings the duck.
Most of the ducks we have, stay in Ukraine. They don’t go to other countries in winter time. But we also have migratory ducks you can hunt. It is possible in October, when it starts to be very cold in Russia and ducks fly through Ukraine. You can hunt migratory ducks with us. We use duck hunting decoys for that.
Ducks, like other birds we hunt, can be prepared for you in our restaurant. It is very tasty!

Hunting pheasant in Ukraine

We hunt pheasants from August till December. Pheasant is not a migratory bird. It is able to fly no more than 600 m.
At the beginning of the hunting season, in mid-August, it is mostly a young bird whose tail has not yet grown. Hunting area is a field where tall plants and grasses grow. Two dog starters are ahead. If it’s hot weather, the pheasant is in the bushes (in the shade). The dog hears a pheasant and lifts it into the air. The hunter must be attentive and always ready to shoot in time. Even if the attempt fails, the pheasant does not fly far. See where he landed and finish him off.
Pheasant is best hunted in the morning (from sunrise to 9-10am). When there is a dew the dog can smell where there is a bird.
We can cook pheasant for you in our restaurant: grill or soup.

How do we hunt quails in Ukraine

Hunting begins in the morning, around 6 am. You come, our representative gives instruction, you get a weapon, a man with a dog is waiting. The area where we hunt is an open field where sunflowers and other tall plants grow. Quails sit there. In the center of the field is placed a special repeater with speakers, which constantly broadcasts the voices of quails to attract birds.
Hunter with our assistant bypass the field, constantly reducing the radius. The dog runs ahead, picks up the bird. There is a lot of action here. You have literally 2 seconds to shoot. Comparing to Saudi Arabia, you do not see the bird sitting, and the quail does not see you. And you can shoot it only when the bird takes off. Hunters like it very much. You always have to be careful and ready to shoot.
For an hour you can get 20-30 quails.
Quails we can cook for you in our restaurant.