Kiev tours with local private guide

We offer our guests to plan their time in Kiev and choose the excursions they like. A list of our tours will let to enjoy everyone the city capital of Ukraine.

Kiev Survey City tour

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During survey city tour you will observe Kyiv as a city of three eras – ancient times, Soviet Union harsh times and modern days. You will see the main city sights, visit medieval cathedral, walk through famous Kyiv streets and feel national culture and hospitality of locals.

What you will see: St Volodymyr’s Cathedral, Golden Gates, St Sofia Cathedral, Andrew’s descent, St Andrew’s Church, Downtown, Independence Square, Kreschatik

Duration: 4 hours (walking or by car)

Pechersk Cave Monastery tour in Kiev

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The Pechersk Cave Monastery – is the most sacred place in Kyiv. With it’s almost one thousand years history Pechersk Cave Monastery is the great attraction for tourists. Lavra complex is “a must visit place” not only because it’s a cradle of Ukrainian orthodoxy faith and an incredible architectural ensemble of different centuries. The Pechersk Cave Monastery is renown for it’s caves, where relics of Saints, that lived here a long time ago, are laying miraculously well preserved. Those relics of Saints also have healing power.

What you will see: Churches and Cathedrals of Lavra complex, Caves, Museum of treasures of Ukraine, Museum of miniatures.

Duration: 2 hours (walking), 3 hours (by car)

Guided tour to the National Museum of Folk Architecture and Lifestyle of Ukraine (Pirogovo museum in Kiev)

pyrohovo museum private guide

Pirogovo museum – is the biggest open air museum in the Eastern Europe, a skansen type museum.

National Museum of Folk Architecture and Lifestyle of Ukraine represents national and cultural legacy of the 16th – 20th centuries, original huts, buildings and churches, amazing instruments of daily life from all historical and ethnographical zones of Ukraine.

You have to see it!

Duration: 3 hours (by car)

The history of Jewish community in Kiev

kiev book jewish tour private guide


Jewish people were always a part of Kiev and played a great roll in different spheres of it’s life –trade, culture, science.

During the tour around places in Kiev that are closely tied with the history of Jewish people, you will visit city sights that represent prominent and also tragic life of Jewish community in Kiev.

Welcome to Kiev!

Duration: 4 hours (by car)

Soviet Kiev tour

private soviet tour kiev

Ukraine was the part of USSR for 69 years. Soviet regime left it’s marks and relics all over Ukraine, and Kiev still have a lot of them. The main thing to see on this tour – The World War 2 museum. This museum shows you not only the documentaries and lifestyle things of WW2, and the monumental statue of “Mother Motherland” but also it represents the ideological instruments that were widely used by Bolsheviks. During tour guests will also observe some examples of typical Soviet Union architecture, also statue of Lenin and many more.

What you will see: Museum of WW2, “Mother Motherland” statue, Lenin monument.

Duration: 3 hours (walking or by car)

Excursion to the Museum of World War 2 in Kiev

war museum kiev excursion book

Museum represents several expositions devoted to the glory and tragedies of the World War 2 on the terrains of Ukraine. Museum includes incredible expositions of military technique, collection of orders, medals and letters, documentary evidences of the war witnesses, unique things of the occupation and the liberation. Art exposition in the name of heroism of national anti-fascism resistance is also a part of visitor’s attraction.

Duration: 2 hours (walking), 3 hours (by car)

Kiev private guide

kiev private guide
Experience Kiev through the eyes of a local private guide!

Nowadays Kiev is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. Kiev’s most famous historical architecture complexes are the St. Sophia Cathedral and the Kiev Pechersk Lavra (Monastery of the Caves), which are recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Make a walking tour on cozy streets of that nice city. You will see its beautiful houses, churches and museums, drink good beer, listen many interesting stories and legend.

Our guide will meet you in Kiev and organize wonderful sightseeing tours.

You will have a nice time in Kiev.

Our benefits:

  • Our guide is local, living in the same area as the tour.
  • All Tours are PRIVATE, only you and people you choose.
  • Our services are priced PER TOUR, not PER PERSON. However, there may be a ‘per person’ price component if the tour involves external costs such as admission tickets, accommodation etc.
  • You can both walk and have sightseeing tour by car/bus/van
  • Our Kiev tours are totally flexible. You can choose what you like.

We can take care about you during all you staying in Kiev (Ukraine). In addition to tours, we offer full assistance in your journey:

  • info
  • tickets
  • meeting
  • hotel
  • meals
  • entertainment
  • constant support of your private guide

Prices. Kiev tours

TourWalking tourAutomobile tour 1-2 pax
Toyota Camry
Automobile tour 3-6 pax
Mercedes Viano
Minibus tour 7-19 pax
Mercedes Sprinter
Bus tour 20-32 pax
Kiev city tour
(3 hours)
Pechersk lavra tour
(2 hours)
Pirogovo museum tour
(3 hours)
Jewish Kiev tour
(3 hours)
Museum of great patriotic war in Kiev (2 hours)$62----

Popular Kiev guided tours:

  • Kiev Survey City tour – 3 hours
  • Pechersk Cave Monastery tour in Kiev – 2 hours
  • Kiev Survey City tour + visiting the Pechersk Cave Monastery – 5 hours
  • Kiev Survey City tour + excursion to the Museum of World War 2 in Kiev – 5 hours
  • Guided tour to the National Museum of Folk Architecture and Lifestyle of Ukraine (Pirogovo museum in Kiev) – 3 hours