Musical Instruments Museum

Good mood and sound of the Carpathian musical instruments

Roman Kumlyk‘s private museum is located in his own house in Verkhovyna. It took 30 years to collect the exhibits, they are household goods, ancient Hutsul clothes, money bills of different periods etc., which all together give a general idea of the Hutsuls’ life. The host’s pride is a collection of musical instruments.

Mr Roman carries out excursions and plays all the instruments, among them there are violins, cymbals, kozas, drymbas, trembitas, horns, he can also tell excitingly about every instrument.

For example the horn is an ancient ‘mobile phone’, as it was used to send messages to a great distance. Trembita is a ritual instrument, which was used in Kolyada, during funerals and weddings. The violin is Mr Roman’s favorite instrument. In his collection there are hollow violins as well as a rectangular violin.

Mr Kumlyk is a very energetic person, full of good cheer and ready with exhaustive information about instruments that occupy all the available space on the walls and on tables — violins, wind instruments, cymbals and other musical curios from different times and from different countries. He enhanced his stories by actually playing the instruments he was talking about! I found his musical talents quite extraordinary.

To his accompaniment (cymbals and other instruments), the host performs national Ukrainian and Hutsul, songs and well-known hits popular during different periods.

Every single excursion is an improvisation, and even if you visit the museum for a few times, you will still get lots of new and curious details about the Hutsuls’ life, their hard everyday life and bright holidays, their sharp wit and original art.

In 2014 Roman Kumlyk passed away. Now his daughter continues father’s work.

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