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 21.12.2010 New winter season in the Carpathians

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New winter season in the Carpathians

A new winter season has been started in the Ukrainian Carpathians.

New winter season in the Carpathians

During this time you encounter many interesting things: festivals, concerts, sports competitions among amateurs and professionals, new restaurants and leisure facilities will be available to you.

This year’s first snow in the Carpathians fell early enough. The local meteorologists forecast a great winter for skiing. The winter time promises to be snowy, but a couple of degrees colder than last year.

Wishing to meet the Christmas or New Year in the Carpathians? Fine, all is already ready. But it is recommended to make reservations as soon as possible, because in end-December all good apartments can be already booked. The hotels of the Carpathians offer not only a standard set of Christmas entertainment, but also organize many inflammatory parties, contests and competitions that will please you and your children. There’s no better place to spend Christmas time than in the Carpathians.

Watch the video of the new winter season in the Ukrainian Carpathians. Green Ukraine