An exciting option you may want to try when you visit Ukraine

Paragliding in Carpathians. How does it work:

  • The flights are conducted in Kuty, 105 km from Ivano-Frankivsk. We arrange a transfer
  • You will fly with instructor. He is the one who can pilot the equipment, you’ll ride
  • To do a tandem flight instruction you do not need experience, just be comfortable
  • A rare chance to see the Carpathians from above, rather than from below in an auto or bus
  • The service operates year-round. However, all flights are subject to cancellation at any time because of rain, snow, high wind or low visibility.

Paragliding offers the opportunity to view spectacular scenery from a unique perspective – flying free as a bird. Man has long been fascinated with the concept of humans taking flight, with some of the earliest inventions needing the bravest, or most foolish, pilots to test their capabilities. Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains have some of the most spectacular scenery you could wish to see, and paragliding makes the most of the country’s natural beauty.

For adventure seekers who want to enjoy this experience, but do not have the time to learn the techniques and skills required to fly solo, flying tandem with an instructor is an exciting option you may want to try when you visit Ukraine.

Before the flight, the pilot passes the basic instructions for students about the departure procedure, both connected in their harnesses. Still on the ground, simulating the race for the takeoff and the pilot explained how students should proceed to settle in the harness after being taken off. What follows are magical moments!

EUR 60 for 7-8 min of flight
Reservations are generally required.