Gregg, USA

I would like to share some of my experience with Andriy and Green Ukraine for folks looking at this web site and considering touring with him.
I can say honestly and without exaggeration that I had one of the most remarkable adventures of my entire life. I was attracted to this site by the emphasis on Hutsul culture, Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors being my all time favorite movie. I also wanted to visit the birthplaces of my mother’s parents in Kolomijja and Horodenka. I have a background in Yiddish cultural activities in New York and New Jersey and wanted to see places that I had heard or read about.
I asked Andriy to let me take his Hutsulschyna but also include Horodenka and several towns in Bukovina. After a wild rough ride on neglected roads to Vyzhnytsa we met a local guide that Andriy had made arrangements with. We were taken into a pristine nature area to a holy site where the founder of Hasidism, the Baal Shem Tov preached from a rock in the river. Then we had a fascinating walk through the town where there amazing sites: the Vyzhytsa Tsaddik’s palace, a Hutsul wood carving school founded by master artists, the church were Ivan Frank’s parents were married and so much more. It was a profoundly positive experience.
In Horodenka, we also had an amazing time, getting a tour of the town museum and town give by the museum decent, and we even had an opportunity to talk to the mayor.
We met another associate of Gregg Ukraine in Chernivtsi, who took me to a Jewish cemetery where we found the grave of an important Yiddish writer known to me from my activities back in the USA. That same gentleman rode with us to Khotin and Kamenetz Podolski where he explained the history of each castle in detail.
I found Andriy to be amazingly honest and responsible and he took care of every possible detail. We were together for four days and we got to share many impressions of life in our two countries.
I did not even tell you about half of the things we did, but you can read abut them on the Green Ukraine tour descriptions. If you want more information from me, Andriy can tell you how I can be reached.