We are a famliy with 2 teens from Germany. We spent 4 nights in august 2019 at a huzul family in Shebeny. We could expierenced by ourself how people live. We had time for doing nothing and on the same time did some trips around the area, for example: we visiteded the cheese farm, the water source in Borkuta, the little church in the village, did rafting tour and grill, collected berries.

Andriy was with us all the time. He organised the tours, he acteded as a translator and as a driver. The family with the kids and the grand ma were very kind. The husband explained us how their little farm works. The wive cooked every times very good dishes several times a day. The children helped all the time. The house is styled in a special local taste. They should not change it! It is located on a top of the mount and has a very beatuful view. It is a very special holiday for us!