Michael, London, UK

I want to add my testimonial here, I spent two days horse riding in the Carpathians (a lifelong dream of mine) with Andriy and a local guide Slávek (sorry if I spelled the name wrong).
These two days were fantastic, the sun was shining on us luckily the whole time, we rode up and down hills and mountains, with hardly another soul in sight save the local herders and shepherds,
The villages and chapels along the way were beautiful and felt like i’d traveled back to another time, one thing I really liked about the tour was the fact that Andriy was so easy going and easy to talk with, if you wanted the freedom to ride ahead a little and feel like you were alone you could, and if you wanted to talk and chat with the guides about anything they were there, you have a great sense of freedom and it was a truly special experience, I couldn’t recommend Andriy highly enough as a guide, he can speak English Russian Ukrainian and Portuguese perfectly, is very honest and upfront and welcoming, at every point I felt welcome and part of a great group of people, Andriy organised everything perfectly and I felt as soon as I was off the train that I was totally relaxed and at ease, I don’t want to give away too much about the tour itself (you will find lots of great experiences and surprises there) because everyone enjoys things in their own way. But I was lucky enough to meet my guides family and drink some local moonshine, eat delicious home made food (the best I had in Ukraine) and see the way of life of the dairy farmers and hunters in the hills, Andriy acted as interpreter and I got a great insight into how things are done and how life is in the region, overall I would give this experience 5 stars and recommend this to anybody, I would definitely come back and try the various other activities that there are to offer, thank you Andriy, I left with a great feeling and fantastic impression of the people and the place :)