Michael USA

I wanted to leave a quick testimonial for Andriy and Green Ukraine for the benefit of any prospective clients looking for external references.
I travelled with Andriy from 17th-21st August to do some hiking and fishing in the Carpathian Mountains.
I found Green Ukraine following a Google search and got in touch with Andriy over email. Andriy was extremely accommodating to my requests and prompt and courteous in our correspondence. He proposed an itinerary which would not have been possible with another tour operator- a tour of an area in Karpaty which is off the tourist trail and still “authentically” traditional. We stayed in the home of a local family and Andriy acted as a guide and interpreter for the duration of the trip.
Andriy has strong ties with the local region and knows specialists for all imaginable activities, in whatever standard of travel and accommodation you are used to – from camping under the stars to staying in 5 star hotels. If you give him a scope to work with, he will deliver.
His pricing is extremely fair and there are no hidden fees once you get here – we agreed a detailed schedule for the trip and how much he would charge months in advance. Nothing changed from that.
Following our trip,I’ve come away with a better understanding of the local history and culture of the Karpaty/ Carpathian region, with new friends that I could never have imagined meeting (!!), and with many once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
Andriy was extremely professional at all points during the trip, he communicated fluently in English (and can also speak Portuguese) and was a great travel companion. He has a fantastically good sense of humour, is personable, reasonable, and above all a good host.
I would highly recommend Green Ukraine to anyone looking to visit this hugely interesting and beautiful country, and would personally endorse Andriy’s services. I will certainly be coming back again.
If anyone would like to know more about my experiences or would like me to answer any questions on a discreet basis, I would be more than happy to oblige. I’m not associated with Andriy or Green Ukraine on any other basis than as a previous customer and can speak only based on my own experiences.