Tom, USA

Over the top! Wonderful! Once in a lifetime. Book it!!!

Attendees: myself, my brother in law and our interpreter from Kiev
Duration: 3 nights and 2 full days.

Website: awesome, informative and well laid out.
Booking: easy, no issues.
Payment: wiring money for deposit was a bit risky but easy enough. Balance with fishing guide, Ivon
Directions to fish camp : perfect.
Fishing guide: speaks no English but we brought our our interpreter
Road to: rough – 60 kilometers in 3 hours.
Food: excellent home cooking, good assortment absolutely fresh.
Lodging: Ivon’s house (fishing guide), authentic Hutsul house. Warm family. Basic but clean- no running water – outhouse 100 feet away. banyan for showering.

Scenery: unsurpassed.

Fishing: first day. Disappointing – 4 small fish total. May have been us, may have been clear river or may be overfished based on river conditions. Don’t know but Ivon responded.

Sightseeing: Since we did not want to fish a second day Ivon quickly arranged a truck ride up the mountain towards the Romanian border. Imagine three grown men were hanging on for dear life and screaming like teenage girls. ‘Let’s do it again.’ was our exit cry.
The scenery was beautiful. Lunch was cooked over an open wood fire.
The quick visit to the “cheese factory” is another story- I would not recommend it.

Return visit: yes, absolutely.

Cost / value. Good.

Recommendation: save enough energy to river raft on the way back.