Horse riding

Ukraine is a land with a long horse riding tradition and many options for horse riding vacations. Horses are still very much a part of rural life. Green Ukraine can arrange a truly memorable Ukrainian horse riding holiday in the Carpathian Mountains. It is not uncommon to see horse drawn carts and carriages used for transport in the villages. Our horse riding holidays are suitable for all abilities from complete beginners to experienced riders and take in some of the most stunning scenery in Ukraine as we ride up into the hills of the Carpathian national park and across the meadows and vineyards of Verkhovyna county. Horse riding here is simply stunning, with a ride anywhere policy you will be amazed at the amount of land available to ride on, ride for hours without seeing a road or a car! Ukrainian’s countryside is a patchwork of fields, meadows and forests all linked by forest trails and dirt tracks that are there for all to use, with no fences or gates to navigate. Our riding holidays are the perfect way to relax, have fun and experience the real Ukraine!

Horseback riding vacations in Ukraine Carpathians

Important details

  • We can organize for you horse riding in the Carpathians at any time of year at any weather conditions (sun, snow, rain, cold)
  • Minimum age – 5 years
  • You can go by horse, britzka (long, spacious carriage with four wheels pulled by two horses) and sled (in winter time)
  • We are able to provide 40+ horses
  • We have horses available to suit all riding abilities, from complete beginners to people who ride every day
  • Our horseback vacations are centered at the picturesque Carpathian town of Verkhovyna
  • You will be accompanied by a personal guide/interpreter
  • Experienced horseman will help you to learn quickly of basics of horse riding


We can arrange any kind of routes for horseback riding in the Carpathians, from one hour to multi-day trips high in the mounains spending time with shepherds and overnights in their huts (possible from April to September).


10 EUR per horse per hour
multi-day trips – on request. Avarage price – 150 EUR/day includes 2 horses for our guests, service of personal guide/interpreter

Horse Riding in Ukraine

Ukraine is also well known for its Hutsulyk horse breed. These “heavenly horses” are well known for their tremendous willingness, athleticism and heart. It is good, quiet and friendly horse of a strong constitution and due to its endurance and ability to carry a significant load through mountain regions it is considered to be one of the best species.

Travel back in time to the Carpathians on a horseback tour through beautiful Ukraine. Gallop across vast green fields while weaving in and out of hay stacks, climb steep mountains for breathtaking views and experience the incredible history of Ukraine on a horse riding holiday. Experience the local way of life, organic and local produce, shepherds who spend their days in fields and a dark sky scattered with stars. On a Ukrainian horse you will find it all!

In the Ukrainian Carpathians you will discover locals who are unaffected by the stresses of modern life, and welcome you to their little slice of heaven. Experience all this the same way the locals do, from the back of a horse!

Check out our horse riding tour in the Carpathians.

Carpathians is in fact a land of mountains and forests, folklore and tradition, hospitality and mystery. On a horse riding holiday in Ukraine you will discover traditional folk villages, where horses still plough the fields, and outnumber motor vehicles. Here the food is grown on small traditional farms, and rural tourism benefits ordinary people. The tranquility will inspire you – and harp back to a time before the hustle and bustle of modern day machines.

On our Ukraine horse riding vacations we give you the opportunity to experience the rich and mysterious history of Ukraine.