Snowmobile tours

Driving snowmobile it’s hard to say what gives more joy: local winter landscapes or control of a powerful machine.

Especially for people who like the majestic Carpathian winter and snow fun we offer snowmobile tours.

For Ukrainian adventure of a lifetime embark on a riveting snowmobile safari to discover some of the most stunning, unspoilt scenery of Ukrainian Carpathians. Whilst on your epic snowmobile safari you can enjoy wilderness of snow-covered forests and frozen lakes and visit old Carpathian villages in Ukraine.

We care about our guests. During the long journey there will be short stops to have a cup of tea from local herbs and tasting hot mushroom soup.


 Day 1 

Meeting in Ivano-Frankivsk (transfer from other places is possible). We take an off-road car (Nissan X-Trail) and go to the Carpathian Mountains. Our destination is Shybene, remote Carpathian village close to the Romanian border. Here we’ll stay for two nights in a local family.

Comparing to the other places of Carpathians, you won’t see crowds of tourists in Shybene. The only noise you can hear is from the local river called Cheremosh. It is located on altitude of 700 MASL, so usually it offers lots of snow in winter. And the routes for snowmobiles are amazing, full of beautiful views.

During three days you will have an experience of being a part of the local Hutsul family, stay in a room with a stove, taste the best local food and alcohol. You will be treated as a brother.

Driving time – about 6 hours.

We reach the family, have a great dinner and have a rest.

 Day 2 

After breakfast we take snowmobiles and go for a ride. The route will take us towards the Romanian border. You will see the typical alpine dairy farm (nobody is there in winter). We’ll take lunch with us. Driving distance – 25 km. Duration – about 4-5 hours.

Return home, dinner, rest.

 Day 3 

After breakfast we’ll take another ride to Burkut village. It is famous by the spring of mineral water, which comes from the ground with bubbles. The village itself is like a ghost – abandoned after flood in 2008. Driving distance – 15 km, duration – about 2-3 hours.

Drive back home, lunch, say “goodbye” to the family and return to Ivano-Frankivsk.

Prices in Winter 2019-2020

1 person and 1 snowmobile – 830 EUR

2 persons and 2 snowmobiles – 1080 EUR

3 persons and 3 snowmobiles – 1450 EUR


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