Snowmobile tours

Driving snowmobile it’s hard to say what gives more joy: local winter landscapes or control of a powerful machine.

Especially for people who like the majestic Carpathian winter and snow fun we offer snowmobile tours lasting from 1,5 to 6 hours.

Please note that this tour requires a minimum of four passengers to operate. All our travelers handle perfectly with machine control immediately after instruction and training.

For Ukrainian adventure of a lifetime embark on a riveting snowmobile safari to discover some of the most stunning, unspoilt scenery of Ukrainian Carpathians. Whilst on your epic snowmobile safari you can enjoy wilderness of snow-covered forests and frozen lakes and visit old Carpathian villages in Ukraine.

All drivers of a snowmobile must have a valid driving license in order to take part in the tour.

We care about our guests. During the long journey there will be short stops to have a cup of tea from local herbs and tasting hot mushroom soup.

Price: from 60 EUR per hour

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