Stargazing in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine. The place where we invite you is a remote Carpathian village called Shybene. It is located in the Carpathian National Park. We did not take special measures to minimize light pollution in the area, because it is unnecessary. The place is so remote that there is simply no additional light. Therefore, stargazing of the highest level is waiting for you.

Located 150 km south of Ivano-Frankivsk and 650 km southwest of Kyiv, Shybene is distant enough from the major cities to provide unobstructed view of the night’s sky, yet close enough for city dwellers to escape for the weekend. Of course, we offer a transfer.

During the winter and spring months, Carpathian National Park rangers hold stargazing events with various astronomy organizations, but the beautiful dark skies are an attraction for astronomy enthusiasts year-round.

You don’t have to be a member of the Astronomical Society to join our Star Party. In addition to stargazing, we offer to discover all the depth of hospitality of the Carpathian people. In addition to the stars themselves, we offer you the experience of living in a remote mountain village of Ukraine. You will be able to see how ordinary people live, taste the best homemade food, moonshine, etc. You can come for the evening, but you will definitely want to stay longer.

You can also reserve a private event for your group. Contact us to learn how you can book a night with the stars in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains.