Our guests about “Green Ukraine”

Deine Seite habe ich durch google gefunden und schon der erste Kontakt mit die per Mail war unkompliziert und so wie ich mir es wünsche. Auf meine wünsche bist du eingegangen und hast so eine perfekte Reise für mich zusammengestellt. Die Unterkunft mitten in den Bergen war wirklich wünderschön und so wie ich mir es gewünscht habe. Auch das Angeln und die Suche nach den Pilzen im Wald war ein Traum für mich. Der Besuch bei den Hirten und dass Grillen war alles super. Die ganze Tour war super. Andriy du bist ein super Guide hast mir sehr viel gezeigt und von der Geschichte der Ukraine erzählt. Es waren 5 super tolle Tage in den Bergen. Und die Gerichte im Gasthaus waren wirklich super lecker ein großes Lob an die Köchin. und die Hausbesitzer sollen bloß nichts an ihrem Haus verändern ihr Haus war genau das was ich gesucht habe. Das Waschhaus mit dem Holzofen und der einfachen Dusche war das beste. Alle die jetzt noch überlegen ob sie mit Andriy verreisen wollen sage ich nur zögert nicht schreibt ihn an. Eine schnelle Antwort bekommt ihr gewiss und all eure wünsche werden umgesetzt. Andriy vielen Dank für die tolle Zeit.
Beste Grüße

Moritz, Gremany

I would thoroughly recommend Andriy as a friendly and capable guide for your holiday in Ukraine. I had a wonderful time horse-riding in the Carpathians. It was an astonishing experience. I particularly enjoyed seeing the different way of life and the fairy-tale environment we trekked through. The local people who we met and trekked with were very welcoming and the hospitality in the simple surroundings was heart-warming. The mountain top farm where we stayed was enchanting. My horse was well-behaved and incredibly sure-footed. Andriy was the perfect guide, professional, easy-going and very well organized. His language skills are impressive. He made sure we had everything we needed to stay well-fed and warm. Overall it was excellent in every way and great fun!

Louise, UK (August 2017)

The backpacks were ready for another globe-trotting and this time it was Ukraine. The Carpathian regions of Ukraine were beckoning us and the zeal of submersing with nature put us across ‘Green -Ukraine’ helmed by Andriy in no time. We became cognizant of how attentive Andriy could be in understanding what we sought out in exploring the region from the initial repartees itself. The synergy buoyed further when we met Andriy in person at Lviv and were bowled over by his professionalism, commitment and flexibility. The jovial guy he is and we were friends of long time apace.

A travel through the picturesque Yaremche and we were at Verkhovyna from where our real quest of the Carpathians began. A horse riding trip was what Andriy had in store for us and couldn’t have asked for more; something which we have longed for quite some time. A bit apprehensive though, we were soon assuaged of our worries by Slavic, the Man Friday for the mountains. The horses Zirka and Sultana showed no signs of tardiness and we were striding through the dicey mountain paths which alluded as a much acclimatized routine for them. Stopped for lunch enroute in a swamp place surrounded by dense grass and pine trees which it’s everywhere in the valley and we soon lurched into the murkiness of forests. The misty mountains and some landloping cows and horses came into light in between and we were finally at a wooden house after 6 hours of trudging.

The homemade cheese, warm hospitality and the serene milieu we experienced at the wooden house hosted by veteran Ivan reflected the resonance of the whole region. Not much of communication barriers hindered our lengthy chats with all as Andriy was quite enjoying donning the role of a well versed Interpreter. The farm, the surroundings and the stories had almost exalted us to being the next Cowboys there but eventually we had to bid adieu to one of the abundant dwellings we ever had been to.

The journey from the highlands downwards was no less of excitement. At times on the horse, at times on the foot, it was another exciting day through the backwoods downwards. The steep descending tested the horses too but nothing affected the alacrity of Slavic, the man who could walk through the mountains hours and hours. Andriy would have also a learnt a trick or two as he showed no signs of lassitude although he was also on his foot for the last two days. Dark woods paved way to lush green outfields and we could see houses distantly nestling on the foothills of the beautiful valley.

Back in Verkhovyl we continued our journey towards Ivano-Frankivsk with Andriy on his wheels. We had to catch hold of the night train to Kiev and Andriy made sure that we were comfortable in all aspects. A big thanks from us for making this trip a worthwhile experience which will be in our minds forever.

Biju, India

I would like to share some of my experience with Andriy and Green Ukraine for folks looking at this web site and considering touring with him.
I can say honestly and without exaggeration that I had one of the most remarkable adventures of my entire life. I was attracted to this site by the emphasis on Hutsul culture, Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors being my all time favorite movie. I also wanted to visit the birthplaces of my mother’s parents in Kolomijja and Horodenka. I have a background in Yiddish cultural activities in New York and New Jersey and wanted to see places that I had heard or read about.
I asked Andriy to let me take his Hutsulschyna but also include Horodenka and several towns in Bukovina. After a wild rough ride on neglected roads to Vyzhnytsa we met a local guide that Andriy had made arrangements with. We were taken into a pristine nature area to a holy site where the founder of Hasidism, the Baal Shem Tov preached from a rock in the river. Then we had a fascinating walk through the town where there amazing sites: the Vyzhytsa Tsaddik’s palace, a Hutsul wood carving school founded by master artists, the church were Ivan Frank’s parents were married and so much more. It was a profoundly positive experience.
In Horodenka, we also had an amazing time, getting a tour of the town museum and town give by the museum decent, and we even had an opportunity to talk to the mayor.
We met another associate of Gregg Ukraine in Chernivtsi, who took me to a Jewish cemetery where we found the grave of an important Yiddish writer known to me from my activities back in the USA. That same gentleman rode with us to Khotin and Kamenetz Podolski where he explained the history of each castle in detail.
I found Andriy to be amazingly honest and responsible and he took care of every possible detail. We were together for four days and we got to share many impressions of life in our two countries.
I did not even tell you about half of the things we did, but you can read abut them on the Green Ukraine tour descriptions. If you want more information from me, Andriy can tell you how I can be reached.

Gregg, USA

I went on two horse treks with Green Ukraine, one by myself and one with a friend. I had traveled by myself to the Carpathians, and asked the coordinator, Andriy, if I could ride one day while I was there. Even though I only emailed him about it a few days ahead of time, we still managed to make it work. About a week later, my friend and I arranged a two day trek, also around Verkhovyna. Andriy was very helpful, professional, and personable. Our guides, Vasyl and Anton, were local guys who were really friendly and knew the area and their horses very well. The first trek, we stopped for lunch and some homemade medovukha (honey vodka) at a local farm. For the two day trek (which Andriy also came with us on) we stayed in a beautiful farmhouse on the hills overlooking Verkhovyna. The lady of the house was a retired professional cook, and her husband was an avid hunter who had filled the house with trophies from his many hunts.
Now, when my friend and I arrived in Ivano-Frankivsk on the first morning, a freak late-spring snowstorm was moving in. I was secretly afraid we might be forced to cancel – and maybe some companies would have – but instead Andriy said a deal was a deal, and we headed out. We dropped off our stuff and rode for the better part of the day across the ridgelines and country roads in the area. With snow up to a foot deep in some areas and the snow swirling all around, it was the most unusual circumstances I’d ever ridden in – and it was profoundly beautiful. The next day, the weather warmed up and we had a great time riding up around Mt. Dobushanka.
The horses were great. They were docile and well-trained but still had a lot of life in them. My friend had never ridden a horse before but her horse was patient and dependable, so she had no problems at all. I had a lot of fun with both horses I rode: sometimes horses used for treks or trail riding get complacent and forget how to do anything but trudge along in single file, ignoring their rider entirely. Green Ukraine’s horses are nothing like that. They were lively and responsive. Where the terrain was good enough, I’d occassionally kick up a canter or gallop and fly down the dirt lanes. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that whether you’re a novice rider, an experienced one, or something in between, you will find something to like in these horses, and the guides will give you appropriate support and independence respectively.
Thanks for the great experience!

Michael, USA

I wanted to leave a quick testimonial for Andriy and Green Ukraine for the benefit of any prospective clients looking for external references.
I travelled with Andriy from 17th-21st August to do some hiking and fishing in the Carpathian Mountains.
I found Green Ukraine following a Google search and got in touch with Andriy over email. Andriy was extremely accommodating to my requests and prompt and courteous in our correspondence. He proposed an itinerary which would not have been possible with another tour operator- a tour of an area in Karpaty which is off the tourist trail and still “authentically” traditional. We stayed in the home of a local family and Andriy acted as a guide and interpreter for the duration of the trip.
Andriy has strong ties with the local region and knows specialists for all imaginable activities, in whatever standard of travel and accommodation you are used to – from camping under the stars to staying in 5 star hotels. If you give him a scope to work with, he will deliver.
His pricing is extremely fair and there are no hidden fees once you get here – we agreed a detailed schedule for the trip and how much he would charge months in advance. Nothing changed from that.
Following our trip,I’ve come away with a better understanding of the local history and culture of the Karpaty/ Carpathian region, with new friends that I could never have imagined meeting (!!), and with many once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
Andriy was extremely professional at all points during the trip, he communicated fluently in English (and can also speak Portuguese) and was a great travel companion. He has a fantastically good sense of humour, is personable, reasonable, and above all a good host.
I would highly recommend Green Ukraine to anyone looking to visit this hugely interesting and beautiful country, and would personally endorse Andriy’s services. I will certainly be coming back again.
If anyone would like to know more about my experiences or would like me to answer any questions on a discreet basis, I would be more than happy to oblige. I’m not associated with Andriy or Green Ukraine on any other basis than as a previous customer and can speak only based on my own experiences.

Michael, London, UK

I want to add my testimonial here, I spent two days horse riding in the Carpathians (a lifelong dream of mine) with Andriy and a local guide Slávek (sorry if I spelled the name wrong).
These two days were fantastic, the sun was shining on us luckily the whole time, we rode up and down hills and mountains, with hardly another soul in sight save the local herders and shepherds,
The villages and chapels along the way were beautiful and felt like i’d traveled back to another time, one thing I really liked about the tour was the fact that Andriy was so easy going and easy to talk with, if you wanted the freedom to ride ahead a little and feel like you were alone you could, and if you wanted to talk and chat with the guides about anything they were there, you have a great sense of freedom and it was a truly special experience, I couldn’t recommend Andriy highly enough as a guide, he can speak English Russian Ukrainian and Portuguese perfectly, is very honest and upfront and welcoming, at every point I felt welcome and part of a great group of people, Andriy organised everything perfectly and I felt as soon as I was off the train that I was totally relaxed and at ease, I don’t want to give away too much about the tour itself (you will find lots of great experiences and surprises there) because everyone enjoys things in their own way. But I was lucky enough to meet my guides family and drink some local moonshine, eat delicious home made food (the best I had in Ukraine) and see the way of life of the dairy farmers and hunters in the hills, Andriy acted as interpreter and I got a great insight into how things are done and how life is in the region, overall I would give this experience 5 stars and recommend this to anybody, I would definitely come back and try the various other activities that there are to offer, thank you Andriy, I left with a great feeling and fantastic impression of the people and the place :)

Daniel, UK

Anfang September habe für eine Woche die West-Ukraine besucht.
Da ich die Ukrainische Sprache nicht beherrsche und mich in diese Gegend auch absolut nicht auskenne, habe ich nach einem Guide gesucht und bin bei Green Ukraine, Andrij Gnytka in den allerbesten Händen gelandet. Die Verständigung erfolgte völlig problemlos in Englisch, obwohl meine Englisch Kentnisse nicht die allerbesten sind. – Nach Ankunft in Lviv hiess es erst einmal ausruhen, bis am nächsten Tag die gebuchte Führung durch die wunderschöne und hochinteressante Stadt stattfand. Dann wurde ich pünktlich von Andrij vom Hotel abgeholt und unsere Reise durch die West-Ukraine, in das Gebiet rings um Ivano-Frankivsk begann. Wir haben soviel gemeinsam unternommen …. dies kann ich nicht alles im einzelnen aufzählen. Ich möchte nur sagen: Jeder Wunsch (obwohl ich eigentlich kaum welche hatte) wurde erfüllt. Alle Vorgaben, alles was im Vorfeld per eMail verabredet wurde, wurde auch eingehalten. Es war alles einfach wunderschön – erlebnisreich – sehr interessant und ich würde diese Reise jederzeit gern wieder unternehmen. Ich kann Andrij nur sehr loben und uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen. Stets hilfsbereit – auf jede Frage eine Antwort – und dabei völlig unkompliziert. Jedem, der ein klein wenig Englisch spricht und sich allein nicht zutraut, dieses wunderschöne Land zu besuchen und zu bereisen empfehle ich: Andrij ! – Herzlichen Dank nochmals für eine sehr sehr schöne Zeit !! – Ich kommen wieder :))

Ralf, Germany

A big thankyou for your time and help when we visited Ivano-Frankivsk in April.
Without your guidance and help in driving us around, interpreting and showing us around the major sites in IF, and help in revisiting the Stanislavov sites my father remembers as a child before they left in 1943, we could not have had such a rewarding and rich experience.
It is something we will never forget.
Thank you for the history you also shared with us about the places we visited and monuments we saw.

Stan, Australia

Back home, the head is already working, the heart is still in the Carpathians. Green Ukraine has brought me and my family a fantastic time with several exciting activities in a unique landscape. Without the (truly full-service) support we would not have seen these special places beyond the tourist path and we would not have met these inspiring people living there. Andriy was an always attentive and open-minded companion, it was such a pleasure!

Petra, Hamburg, Germany

The first week in august we had an amazing trip with Green Ukraine. We had a last minute request for a 2 day horse trip in the Carpathian Mountains.
During the 2 days we saw the most amazing views. It was really relaxing after Kiev en L’viv. But it wasnt only the views we enjoyd. Also the warm welcome in the farmer house was a good experience. It was very special to milk the cows and see the life of the locals. And the food, oh boy, the food. After what we thought that was the maincourse, we got the maincourse. Fresh meat from the self made BBQ. It was lovely.
We ended up with some local drinks :) «wink»
It was the perfect end of our vacation.

Kevin van der Meeren, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Green Ukraine arranged for myself, my friend and her son a hotel in Yaremcha and a private trip on “The Carpathian Tram” was wonderful. The tram normally only runs on busy Summer weekends but they made a special trip just for us. The three staff were very nice. They let my friends son and I ride in the front with the driver. The breakfast in the country with meat, bread, vodka etc. was great. We all really enjoyed it and it was nice they ran it just for us. I provided them with a little extra money for their time and effort. I could not have done it without the help of Green Ukraine and yourself. I would highly recommend your company to anyone looking for a holiday in your country that needs help in arranging. Of particular relevance was your always very fast response to my e-mails all in perfect English.

Bruce Anderson, USA

Em fevereiro de 2012, em pleno inverno ucraniano, tivemos o prazer de conhecer a Ucrânia e seus belos Montes Cárpatos, cobertos de muita neve!
Conseguimos realizar um sonho de localizar familiares em uma pequena vila, próxima a Dolyna, o que não teria sido possível sem o apoio da Green Ukraine, tanto pela dificuldade de comunicação, quanto de transporte. Também pudemos conhecer um pouquinho dos costumes do belo povo ucraniano, como sua deliciosa culinária, trajes típicos, pêssankas, igrejas de madeira… E também nos aventuramos esquiando em Bukovel, algo que nunca havíamos feito em nossa vida! Pernoitamos em uma “cabana” extremamente aconchegante, na qual contamos com a hospitalidade e carinho da Oksana, minha xará, que também nos alimentou muito bem!

Tudo foi muito bem planejado e organizado, sempre de acordo com nossa vontade! O Andriy, que foi nosso intérprete e companheiro, foi muito atencioso em todos os momentos, desde o primeiro contato!

Espero que possamos nos encontrar novamente em mais um passeio pelos Cárpatos, talvez no verão da próxima vez!

PARABÉNS, Andriy e equipe! SUCESSO!

Oksana Kindra (com Olesh Kindra e Leandro Cavassim),Brasil

thank you so much for having found the ideal way to spend a long waited christmas holiday.
My wife and I wanted to use this free time to visit Ukraine, but, as many other expats here in Kiev, we didn’t know where to go and were not confident to go out for an adventure with our children.
So I contacted Green Ukraine and they came with exactly what we were hoping for, good family fun in a beautiful environement.
The kids were delighted of course, snowboarding, horse and quad ridding, barbecues… the list goes on and on.
We appreciated all these activities with them and the babysitter was a real bonus for my wife and I to spend some quality time together.
So again from all my family and I, thank you.

Franck, France

From the time we were met at the train station in Lwow at 1:02 until he put us on the train to Kiev, Andriy took care of my nephew and me.

My nephew and I are pretty independent travelers, but thanks to Andriy, we saw so much more of Ukraine’s beautiful countryside, experienced the warmth of rural hospitality, tasted delicious foods, and learned so much history of the region.Plus, Andriy is just a pleasant person with whom to spend time.

I have been fortunate to have been on many ‘trips of a lifetime’ and this one joins the list.

Jan Sibayan, USA

Eu e minha família estivemos conhecendo a Ucrânia no mes de julho/2011 e pudemos contar com a ajuda da Green Ukraine na organização e transporte em nosso passeio.

Graças ao Andriy e sua equipe pudemos visitar uma das regiões mais bonitas do mundo que são os Montes Cárpatos. Lá visitamos diversas cidades, conhecemos monumentos, museus e igrejas belíssimas, saboreamos uma deliciosa culinária local e pudemos verificar todos os costumes e tradições da verdadeira cultura ucraniana. Desde os contatos feitos via email quanto ao passeio sempre pudemos contar com toda eficiência da Green Ukraine.

O passeio foi organizado conforme nossos desejos e pudemos escolher livremente entre as opções fornecidas. No dia e horário marcados estavam pontualmente em nosso hotel ao nosso aguardo e durante todo os dia prestaram todas as informações sobre o trajeto e acessoria necessária para o nosso bem estar. Recomendo à todos usufruir da seriedade e competencia da Green Ukraine e eu mesmo pretendo em breve utilizar os serviços novamente.

Parabéns e obrigado!

Cezar Luiz Czarny, Curitiba/Brasil

From seeking answers, come back with the right questions. That sums up my stay in Ukraine, which was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Meeting great people like Oksana, seeing all these people in these villages in their land, sharing the view of those magnificent landscapes of Carparts, but also the annoyance of driving on these roads so rough … living this journey requires passion, desire to discover another culture, or traits of humanity that we no longer look.

The Easter holidays were a great choice of time, the opportunity to see the devotion of Ukrainian tradition in their songs, and their traditional dress rooted in their land.

Seeing the land of my grandfather, that has been so easily accessible thanks to Andriy, was undoubtedly a dream realized, and unforgettable.

Rudy from Paris, France

The Holy Week this year will stay forever in my memory. I met an important part of the beautiful Ukraine. Accompanied by the ever-watchful and careful Andriy Gnytka, I spent seven wonderful days in Kiev and Crimea. It was definitely the best trip of my life, I could see first hand the spectacular backdrop of scenes of human history. I recommend the Ukraine as a tourist destination. Moreover, Recondo Andriy as host! See you soon, Ukraine.

José Augusto Filho, Minas Gerais, Brazil