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 20.10.2010 The Observatory Pip Ivan

The Observatory Pip Ivan

There are interesting names for the mountains and ridges, which are created because of the shape of landscapes – rocks looking like animals, strange creatures and human faces.

The Black Mountain or the Pip Ivan (in Ukrainian “Priest John”), which has got its name because a top of a cliff that has once been there resembled a priest in a cassock. According to another version, the top of the cliff has “singing” winds.

Green Ukraine offers hiking trip to this unique historical object – the Ukraine’s highest architectural structure.

With us you can also order a horse tour to Pip Ivan mountain.

Pip Ivan in details

Pip Ivan is, perhaps, the most interesting and most mysterious mountain of the Ukrainian Carpathians and the third highest peak of Ukraine – 2028 meters above sea level. The greatest peculiarity of Pip Ivan is that at its top there is a grandiose stone building — an old Polish observatory. On bright days, this structure on the mountain is visible for dozens kilometers. The ruins resembling mysterious medieval castle attract travelers like a magnet. In winter the observatory is covered with snow and ice so that it is called a “white elephant”.

The astronomical-meteorological observatory was built in 1938. How it could have been managed at that time seems fantastic nowadays. The observatory had its own central heating, the outside building windows are lined with metal and from the inside part of them there are oak frames. Once a year, kerosene was brought here, and the barrels were delivered to the foot of the mountain and then transported by horses to the observatory. As eyewitnesses told, water was supplied to the building with two powerful electric pumps. The masonry inside was filled with resin, which was laid with crust and covered with precious wood.

Unfortunately, the observatory functioned only until World War II and was later turned into magnificent ruins.

Some images of the Pip Ivan Observatory.

Pip Ivan Observatory

Pip Ivan Observatory

Pip Ivan Observatory

Pip Ivan Observatory

Pip Ivan Observatory