Tour to Carpathians for photographers

We invite people from foreign countries to come to the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains for photography tour.

You get a wonderful nature. Landscape photography could work. In addition, the small Carpathian villages are very picturesque. And people here, especially elder, are nice for photographers because of landscape of their face (wrinkles and beautiful eyes).

Not much people travel to Ukraine. We offer private tours to Carpathians (2-3 days) and take care about logistics and translations. In this tour we offer something that good photographers want – a real life, not fata morgana: small villages, landscape, people. A real life in Ukraine. What you see is what you get.

Because of geography, you get wonderful light in morning and evening as well. You don’t have to rush yourself in different poses, because you can always find line work – what actually a human eye does – it searches for recognizable lines/patterns.

You can come back to nature. You have mountains, trees, villages, fences what people have in countryside. Haystacks, constructions which they put grass on.

The best time to come to Carpathians for photography should be autumn. It’s a little bit melancholic – the best combination for Eastern Europe.

We offer logistics and translations. We’ll bring you to beautiful Carpathian places and people.