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 11.03.2011 Tourism Places in Chernivtsi

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Places of Chernivtsi

Interesting places of Chernivtsi

Chernivtsi is a very cozy and beautiful city with unusual and refined architecture preserved from the times when the city was a part of the Austria-Hungary. You can start your acquaintance with this European city in the land of Ukraine with its main square, Central Square.

The town hall has a special place in the square. It was built in 1843-1847 in the style of late Classicism. The three-storied building is topped by a chime-clock tower so traditional for town halls and an observation platform that gives you a really wonderful and detailed view of the whole Chernivsti.

In the square, there is a beautiful building now occupied by a museum of art. Designed by H. Gessner and built in 1901 for a banking board, it is still considered one of the best specimens of Vienna secession in the world. A huge majolica panel, representing regions of the Austro Hungarian Empire as antique gods, decorates the building. Because of this pantheon, it was dubbed “Olympus”.

The Olga Kobylianska Theater of Music and Drama in Chernivtsi is famous far beyond its home region, and it is one of the most beautiful theaters in Ukraine. It can be considered equal to many splendid theaters of Europe. The theater was built in 1904-1905 by the project of well-known European theatrical architects F. Felner and H. Gelmer. By that time they had already designed the famous Theater of Opera in Odessa and a number of European theaters. Groups of sculptures decorate the facade of the building, and its interior is furnished in the baroque tradition by Czech artisans.

The main sight of Chernovtsy is the complex of the Chernivtsi University, which is a real wonder of architecture. It is no exaggeration, for the building combines features of Mauritanian, Byzantine, Roman styles and folk art traditions of Bukovyna in a single unity. Here there are so many unexpected and interesting details that it may take long hours to become really acquainted with this work of art. Moreover, the interior of the university is as/good as its splendid appearance from the outside.

The university in Chernivtsi was founded in 1875 thanks to enthusiastic attitude of the Bukovyna Metropolitan Evgeniy Gakman. The architectural ensemble included the metropolitan’s residence and educational buildings. The project was created by a young Czech architect Jozhef Glavka, while Viennese, Czech and Bukovyna painters and artists helped decorate the buildings.
The ensemble of the university itself consists of three buildings, a majestic Seminar Church and a cozy park.

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