Tourist attractions of the Carpathian Mountains

Tourist attractions of the Carpathian Mountains


A major part of the thrill of visiting the Carpathian Mountains for many people is the opportunity to engage in a number of sporting and leisure activities whilst there. The vast nature and scenery of the Carpathians mean that individuals and families can enjoy hiking whilst rarely seeing another soul. In other words, there’s a chance to engulf yourself in nature and explore an environment little touched by humans. Some of the hiking trails in the Carpathians may be tough if you’re not in good shape, so seek advice on this beforehand if you’re unsure.

Some of the sports that are enjoyed on adventure holidays in the Carpathians include horse riding, practised through the trails that lie between villages. Biking is also a popular choice in the mountains and the terrain on offer means that a variety of experience levels are catered for in the area.

The mountain range is home to nine ski resorts. Poiana Brasov is near to the medieval town of Brasov, whilst Sinaia is also close to a suitable base camp for enjoying skiing holidays, as well as local nightlife.

The Carpathians are immense, not only in terms of their scale but also in the array of activities and sights travellers can find there.

The fauna of the Carpathian Mountains are equally interesting and in parts of the range, some 100 species of bird alone can be spotted. Some of the animals found in the Carpathians are potentially dangerous, such as bears and tourists are advised to stick to paths and observe local recommendations with regard to where to travel. Tourists will no doubt enjoy finding lizards and squirrels at home among the forests of the Carpathian range, whilst lucky travellers could even spot a rare lynx.


A range of national parks can be found across the Carpathians, particularly in Romania. These parks contain geographical landmarks such as volcanic mountains and exotic rock formations. The Calimani National Park, for example, contains the biggest volcanic caldera within the Carpathians, alongside interesting rock shapes and the remnants of craters from long ago.