Treasure of the Carpathians. 6 days tour

Treasure of the Carpathians: Castles, Monasteries, Hutsulshchyna, Ski. 6 days tour

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Winter tour in the Carpathians

Want a truly Ukrainian holiday? This route gives you a chance to experience the real Ukraine. Castles, Monasteries, Hutsulshchyna, Ski… All this and many more is up to your service! Enjoy this 6 days trip.

At the same time you are invited to visit the museums. It will help you to plunge into the past for a while and get fresh experiences. You will visit a ski resort “Bukovel” and travel through the picturesque passes of the Carpathian Mountains.

Forget your daily cares, relax and feel the closeness of nature in Ukraine.

Itinerary: Ivano-Frankivsk → Kolomyya → → Khotyn → Kamyanets-Podilskyi → Kosiv → Kryvorivnya → Verkhovyna → Vorokhta → Yaremche → Bukovel → Maniava → Goshiv → Mukachevo

Distance: 950 km

Trip highlights:
• museum of Easter egg in Kolomyya
• the best places of Ivano-Frankivsk
• Kosiv Museum of Folk Art and Hutsulshchyna Life
• the soul of Hutsul land, Kryvorivnya village
• the museum of local music instruments in Verkhovyna
• one of the oldest Hutsul churches in Vorokhta village
• skiing in Bukovel, the best Ukrainian ski resort
• craft market in Yaremche
• medieval castles of Kamyanets-Podilskyi and Khotyn

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Day 1

Meeting in Ivano-Frankivsk. (We can organize your transfer to the city (on request)).

Tour of Ivano-Frankivsk. Sheptytsky Square, the monument of Virgin Mary, the Pototski Palace, Market Square, Mickiewicz Square, Hetman Shafts,the monument of the 2000 anniversary of the birth of Christ. Visiting the Art museum, the Synagogue, the Cathedral, the City hall. Lunch at one of the restaurants in Ivano-Frankivsk.


Drive to Kolomyya – a sparkling place of the Precarpathians, a symbol of a rebirth the forgotten places, the pearl of the soul of the Hutsul region.

Lunch at the national restaurant.

Tour to the historic part of Kolomyya. Visiting the Museum of Pysanka – the unique museum of Easter egg in the world. A complete collection of the museum includes over 12 thousand eggs.

By the way, Kolomyya is the best place to buy vyshyvanka – the Ukrainian traditional clothing which contains elements of Ukrainian ethnic embroidery.

Day 2

Breakfast at hotel.

Departure to the Khotyn fortress. Tour to the castle founded in the 13th century by prince Danylo Galytsky. It was owned by the Moldavian rulers, the Polish kings, and the Turkish sultans. At this place they all have left the part of their culture. The city walls remember the glorious victories over the Turks, praised by the historians and poets.

Lunch in Khotyn.


Drive to Kamianets-Podilskyi. Tour to the old town and the fortress built on a high rocky bank on the river Smotrych for defending the “Running Deer” bridge – the only possibly enter into the city. Today “The flower in the stone” (Kamianets-Podilskyi) attracts its tourists with more than a hundred historical monuments. Return to hotel. It’s possible to have dinner at one of the restaurants on the way to hotel or in Yaremche.

Day 3

Breakfast at hotel.

Tour of the Carpathian ring – scenic route through the most popular tourist centers of the Carpathians. Departure to Kosiv region. This land is a heart of hutsul crafts. In Pistyn village there’s a residence of St. Nicolas and the healing source of salt water.

Excursion to Kosiv: the City Mountain and the famous souvenir market. Visiting the Kosiv Museum of Folk Art and Hutsulshchyna Life: embroidery, making the Easter eggs (pysanka), vests manufacturing, pottery, metal processing, hutsul head wears, yarns, wood carving etc.

Departure to one of the oldest hutsul villages – Kryvorivnya, “the open-air museum”. A trip to the village over the Bukovetsky pass (835 m above the sea level). This village is primarily known as the residence of the Ukrainian culture. In Kryvorivnya lived, worked and looked for inspiration for the creative impulse many famous writers and literary figures. Even Mykhailo Hrushevskyi – the first president of Ukraine had a residence in this village. In these places was filmed many movies.

Visit the house-museum of the Ukrainian poet Ivan Franko and the Museum of Architecture “the hutsul fortress”.


Trip to Verkhovyna (an old name Zhabie). The private museum of Roman Kumlik who has been collected works more than for 30 years. The collection includes exhibits of a hutsul life, old hutsul clothes, and banknotes of all times. But the main attraction and pride of the museum is a collection of musical instruments. Mr. Kumlik will kindly play, sing and give a chance to feel a sharp sense of a hutsul humor. Lunch in Verkhovyna.

The Carpathian Ring

Going to Vorokhta through the Vorokhta pass (1111 m above the sea level). This village is famous by its ski jumps, where in the 80th have passed international competitions in ski jumping. Ascent to the top point of ski jumps on the lift. From there opens a wonderful view of the highest peaks of the Carpathians.

You will see the viaduct of Vorokhta, a large stone arch railroad bridge, viaduct of Austrian times and one of the oldest Hutsul wooden churches.

Returning to Yaremche – the most popular tourist destination of the Carpathians. Walk on Yaremche, overview the Probiy waterfall, over which you will pass over the bridge of 20 meters high to the hutsul souvenir market.

Free time to buy traditional souvenirs: vyshyvanka (the Ukrainian traditional clothing which contains elements of Ukrainian ethnic embroidery), national hats, belts, unique wooden jewelry boxes. Hutsul wool coverlet (liznyk) made of natural wool or warm slippers from the same material would be a good present for your friends. Please note that all products are handmade by an old technology and from natural materials. Restaurant “Hutsulshchyna” – memorial of architecture of the early XX century. Dinner at one of the restaurants of Yaremche.

Day 4

Breakfast at hotel.

Transport from the hotel to Bukovel. Bukovel is the most famous ski resort of Ukraine. A variety of the routes, as well as the infrastructure of this place is comparable to many European resorts. Skiing, sledding, snowboarding, snow tubing and snow biking. Even if you do not ski, you can buy a lift ticket. Panorama of the snow-covered Carpathian Mountains will open to impress you.

Lunch at one of the restaurants in Bukovel.

For the beginners of skiing or snowboarding, there are excellent slopes where they’ll have a good opportunity to learn skiing aerobatics. It’s a great place to start. In addition to skiing Bukovel offers barbecues, hot wine and variety of restaurants, tasty cuisines and saunas. Return to hotel.

Dinner at one of the restaurants in Yaremche.


Day 5

Breakfast at hotel.

Transport from the hotel to Maniava village. Here on a cliff above the river in the wood is preserved an ancient monastery of the17th century. The Cell was founded in 1611 by Iov Knyagynytsky – a native of Mount Athos. The journey to one of the most beautiful and mysterious Carpathian waterfalls –the Maniava Fall. It’s an amazing, historical place, a deep gorge between precipitous cliffs, where the sun looks very rarely and not for long, in truth, a mystical place.

Lunch in Maniava.

Transfer to Goshiv. Goshiv village is famous for its male monastery situated at the Light Mountain, and the miraculous icon of Our Lady. To the monastery leads the Cross Way where each year raises more than 100,000 pilgrims. Visit the monastery and the cells of monks. Return to the hotel.

Dinner on the way to hotel or at one of the restaurants of Yaremche.

Day 6

Breakfast at hotel.

Transport from the hotel to Mukachevo. Tour “The city over the Latorytsa” visiting a medieval castle “Palanok” and the Holy Nicholas Orthodox nunnery. You will see a renovated medieval fortification architecture, ancient courtyards and galleries with exhibitions of modern sculpture.

Lunch in Mukachevo.


There are exhibits of rare items of the Stone Age, the Bronze period, weapons and tools. Here is widely represented: ethnography and life of city residents and a collection of icons of the16th – 19th centuries. Enjoy the art salon, where you will be able to buy works of painting and crafts of art. Feel the magic of the historical part of the ancient city on the banks of the Latorytsa river.

Dinner on the way to hotel.

Transfer to the airport (on request).

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Route of the Treasure of the Carpathians. 6 days tour on the map

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Itinerary: Ivano-Frankivsk → Kolomyya → → Khotyn → Kamyanets-Podilskyi → Kosiv → Kryvorivnya → Verkhovyna → Vorokhta → Yaremche → Bukovel → Maniava → Goshiv → Mukachevo

Distance: 950 km

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Tour price – 420 Euros

– Health Insurance;
– transport services along the entire route;
– bed and breakfast at one of the hotels to your choice: the Carpathian Castle Hotel, the Bear Hill Hotel, the Fantasy Hotel or Chalet Mont Blanc Hotel;
– excursions to Ivano-Frankivsk, Kolomyya, Bukovel, Yaremche, Vorokhta, Kosiv, Kryvorivnya, Verkhovyna, Maniava, Goshiv, Mukachevo, Khotyn, Kamyanets-Podilskyi;
– constant support of personal guide-interpretor.

Not included:
– transfer from the airport and to the airport;
– meals and drinks at the restaurants;
– ski rental.

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