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Prague Sights and Sounds

This guide to Prague is an insider’s look at the main attractions, hidden sights and much more. Get heaps of tourist information about Prague including local views of accommodation, apartment rentals, hotel reviews and more. There’s nothing like real advice from locals before traveling to Prague.

Holidays in Alicante Spain – Alicante tourist information

Tourist guide for your holidays in Alicante Spain. Alicante tourist information on hotels, travel, flights, car hire, restaurants and beaches.

Majorca tourist travel information guide

Majorca, the number 1 destination for European tourists. Travel information guide for resorts, hotels, car rentals, flights, ferries, airport shuttles, entertainment, outdoor activities. Spanish Taxes Information, Property Sales and apartment rentals.

Denmark Getaway

Come to Denmark and experience a wonderful Holiday. What to do and see in Denmark, Copenhagen and on beautiful Bornholm, the pearl in the Baltic Sea.

Kairos Garden Hotel

The most relaxed of hotels in northern Greece. We only have nice guests! Have a laid-back holiday and explore north Greece with us.

France Travel Info

France travel made doable with tips from experienced travelers, information about specific regions and sites and language helps. History, travel and language all in one easy to navigate site.

Heathrow Short Stay

Welcome to Heathrow Short Stay! Our goal is to provide a simple way to relax during your next layover!

Paris bike tour

Paris bike tour in small groups, for all ages. Discover Paris as an insider far from mass tourism.