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 03.03.2011 Wine festival in the Carpathians

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Wine Festival in the Carpathians

Dates: Thursday, 03 March 2001 – Sunday, 06 March 2011

Wine festival in Carpathians

Info: Wine festival takes place in the Carpathians every year. To see it you must come to Beregove – a town located in the Carpathians near the border with Hungary. This place claims the status of wine capital of Ukraine. The best of local winemakers are united in the Order of St. Wenzel. The members of the organization took oaths to promote a wine fame of Beregove and are the inspiration of the festival. Large companies and private winemakers represent their products every spring.

The 11th traditional International wine festival in the Carpathians will start on March 3rd. Locale – the central square of the city.

Program: The history of viticulture and winemaking in the Carpathians, wine fair, exhibition and sale of equipment for viticulture and winemaking, special literature fair, Carpathian cheese and wine, Best Appetizers with Wine, Wine as a drink of love, adoption of new knights and court ladies of the Holy Wenzel, concert, loterry.

How to get there? From Mukachevo or Uzhgorod to Beregovo via bus. You can also contact us. We are able to arrange this trip for you.