Zip line

An exciting option you may want to try when you visit Ukraine

Brief info

  • Place: Vorokhta village, 95 km from Ivano-Frankivsk
  • You can fly over land without support of the instructor
  • Descent is divided into two intervals 550 and 170 meters length
  • zip wire is not only for adults, there is also lower descent for children (170 m length)
  • flying fox in the Carpathians operates year-round

The ropeway has a length of 800m.

The duration of the descent is around 40 sec.

The highest point of flight above the ground is 18 meters.

The construction consists of the launch area, finish area with braking device, the catenate (stretched between the launch and finish areas), personal special equipment (moving along the catenate). Suspension and rope sag are estimated for weight from 35 to 120 kg.

At Zip Line top station you can shoot with pneumatic weapon on target and ride a quad bike.

EUR 5 per person, every next EUR 4.
Reservations are generally required.