Summer tours

Golden Ring of Hutsulshchyna

Mushroom tour in the Carpathians. ALL IN

Enjoy all inclusive mushroom tour in Carpathians with a private guide. We will teach you to identify and cook mushrooms as a pro.

Do nothing tour

Tour of doing nothing

No language problems, no stupid questions, no security problems and inconvenient situations. Only complete and total relaxation.

Golden Ring of Hutsulshchyna

Golden ring of Hutsulshchyna

Do you know it is possible to see all main attractions of the Carpathians during 2 days?

This route gives you a chance to experience the real Ukraine. An itinerary of 2 days and 1 night is detailed in this page fully loaded of the top attractions of the Carpathians, all of them can be seen in 2 days.

Horses tour Carpathians

Horse riding trip in the Carpathians. 2 days Tour

We will take you to a very different world where small farmsteads could be seen scattered across the gentle rolling hills at the foot of the mountains.

tour on horses to Pip Ivan

Horseback tour to Pip Ivan Observatory. 2-day trip

The route to the Pip Ivan Observatory from Shybene village is one of the most difficult and most beautiful in the Carpathians. Its length is 16 km, which is mostly a steep mountain slope.

Lviv and Carpathians tour. 9 days. ALL In

Ralf tour. Lviv and Carpathians 9 days. ALL included

During 9 days you will explore with a private guide the best of Western Ukraine – Lviv, Kolomyya, Kosiv, Verkhovyna, Ivano-Frankivsk and Carpathians

Food tour Carpathians

Gastronomic tour of Hutsul cuisine

Taste the best dishes of Hutsul cuisine prepared by experienced cook in the oven as it was hundreds of years ago

Summer tour Ukrainan Carpathians

Summer getaway

During this journey you will discover for yourself the authentic culture of Hutsulshchyna, everyday life and traditions of the local people (Hutsuls).

Religious tour in Ukraine

Religious peregrination

The oportunity to visit the major sacred places of the Carpathian region. Relax your mind and body at the atmosphere of peace.

Winter tours


Xmas tour in Carpathians

Christmas 2018 in the Carpathians

Xmas in the heart of the Carpathians. Staying in old Hutsul house, traditional Christmas food, carols, concerts, skiing and tasting the local moonshine.

Winter weekend

Winter weekend

Our best winter tour in the Carpathians. Mix of sightseeing and skiing. Recommended for couples.


marriage seeking trip to Ukraine

Marriage seeking trip to Ukraine

We offer a special service and personal assistant during your marriage seeking trip to Ukraine.


Odessa Private Tours

Odessa Private Tours

Meet your private guide in Odessa with excellent tours.